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Welcome to my public food diary where I hope to inspire you to cook and create core memories with your loved ones in the kitchen. I'm Glenda, a Salvadoran immigrant that has been living in Houston TX since I was six years old. In 2023 I set on a mission to learn how to make all the traditional and typical Salvadoran dishes that my family cooked growing up and in the process I started sharing with you all across different platforms. 

This food diary is dedicated to anyone that wants to learn about the Salvadoran culture but most importantly connect to it. This is for all the children of immigrants in the world that didn't get a chance to learn from their family for one reason or another. This is for all the Salvadoreños that never felt "Salvadoreños enough" because they lived outside of El Salvador. But most importantly this is dedicated to all the cooks in our family that passed on these recipes from generation to generation. I truly hope this helps you reconnect to our roots, to our loved ones but most importantly fills you with joy!

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